Cray Moss Sundew Ceri Katz

Pennine PeatLIFE is funded by the EU LIFE programme with match funding from Yorkshire Water, United Utilities, Northumbrian Water and the Environment Agency. Pennine PeatLIFE is led by the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership in collaboration with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Forest of Bowland AONB Partnership.


Stone sediment traps working well in @NorthPennAONB. These dams #slowtheflow of #water off of the fell during high rainfall. Helping to mitigate #flooding downstream #penninepeatlife #NorthPennines #AONB #Teesdale #Durham

March marked the end to our biggest capital work season so far: 2019 has seen 3,000 bags of heather brash flown and spread, 360 gully blocks built and 13 hectares of sphagnum planted. These will help to protect peat, rewet the moors and support natural flood management.

These single-species plugs were planted @RSPBDoveStone in 2016. We checked them last week and they've grown up to 15cm in diameter (from 3-4cm) and taken on their distinctive wine colour. This is sphagnum magellanicum #SphagnumMonday

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