The Sphagnum Trials

Sphagnum moss is an important peat-building component in upland bog systems. Many blanket bogs have lost a significant amount of Sphagnum coverage and it is essential to reintroduce the plant to re-vegetate our peatlands.

Sphagnum benefits:

  • capable of holding double its own weight in water
  • the lower parts of the plant accumulate over time in saturated conditions, leading to the production of peat
  • forms multi-coloured carpets, adding to the beautiful landscapes where they are found

Pennine PeatLIFE is trialling a number of methods of reintroducing Sphagnum, including:

  • planting plug plants grown under greenhouse conditions
  • spreading fragments, pellets or gel
  • harvesting and transplanting clumps by hand
  • spreading fragments by machine

Each site and method provides different challenges, and Pennine PeatLIFE will use the trials to determine the most suitable technique for each type of location.